The Secret is the Blend

Welcome to Altezas Reales, where the secret lies in our blend! Our legacy spans five generations.  Today we bring the knowledge and blending expertise to cigar enthusiasts everywhere.   Our focus on quality, supremium blends and customer service sets us apart, as we have been rooted in the very fabric of cigar culture for over 150 years. Whether you choose to visit one of our premium authorized retailers or choose to  place an order online or over the phone, we ensure an unparalleled consumer experience. Join us now and discover the world of premium cigars that await you!
Altezas Reales strives to provide a refined experience that appeals to all cigar aficionados. Our mission is to produce the most savory, delightfully aromatic, sensory-pleasing cigars available today.  Come and find our appreciation of the artistry of world class exceptional cigars. Learn about how our legacy shaped a  tireless desire for perpetual excellence, rigorous tobacco selection and the finest supremium quality cigars.

A blend for every moment

At the heart of our business is a passion for the timeless satisfaction of cigar smoking. We invite you to join us, whether you are an experienced enthusiast or just beginning your cigar journey. Embrace the bonds forged by the cigar and let us be your trusted smoking destination for an elevated and inclusive cigar experience. 

Altezas Reales… a supremium brand

represents the highest level of premium quality, reflects our deep admiration for our company’s traditions while recognizing the significance of today’s cigar enthusiasts. Our meticulously crafted supremium collection of cigars resonates with a spirit that pays tribute to cherished memories and moments of thoughtful reflection. It allows people to unite and celebrate life’s joys, promoting harmony across generations, livelihoods and lifestyles.

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What is a premium cigar?

A premium cigar is a meticulously crafted, high-quality cigar that embodies a rich heritage and tradition of excellence in tobacco cultivation, blending, and craftsmanship. It represents the pinnacle of cigar-making, typically made from carefully selected tobacco leaves that have been aged and cured to perfection. Premium cigars are known for their distinct and refined flavor profiles, offering a sensory-pleasing smoking experience that appeals to connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. These cigars are often associated with brands that have a long history of expertise and dedication to producing exceptional cigars, like Altezas Reales, which has a legacy spanning multiple generations. Premium cigars are typically crafted in limited quantities to ensure the utmost quality and are considered a symbol of luxury and indulgence in the world of tobacco.
We offer a curated selection of premium cigars, meticulously blended based on unique limited edition blends. These handcrafted cigars embody a rich heritage, delivering a taste that honors decades of expertise and tradition. With each cigar,  the aficionado can appreciate the sophistication and celebration of a premium smoke. Sold in boxes of 10 count.  Now taking pre-orders.  

Cigar Aficionados

We recognize the desire for exploration and discovery and thus curate an array of contemporary cigar blends that push the boundaries of flavor profiles. Each one of the Altezas Reales cigars represents an opportunity to embark on a journey of taste, discovering unique combinations that harmonize with your palate.

Beyond our exceptional product offerings, our company fosters a sense of community, good practice, RESPONSIBLE AND SUSTAINABLE CIGAR-MAKING.  Represents the inspirational nature of individuals who share a common appreciation for the great times and conversation accompanying a good cigar. Whether engaging in lively connoisseur talks or finding comfort in quiet contemplation, our patrons find joy with each smoke pairing beautifully with your beverage of choice, from craft beers, bourbons, Añejo Rums to coffee drinks and all vintages of wines.

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